Liquid Generics

mar liquid genericAs for the lines dedicated to sterile productions, either for generics and non-sterile products, MAR realize complete filling lines including monoblock machine solutions or separated machines. These lines are composed by automatic feeding systems for glass and plastic bottles (in this case by means of mechanical unscramblers), blowing/sucking continuous motion machines, filling systems and closures feeding systems. Lines can be easily integrated with down-stream labeling machines. MAR equipment range for liquid products is composed by a wide range of machines to handle syrups, drop dispensing bottles, nasal spray bottles, etc... Screw-caps, press-on cap, snap-on caps, child proof caps, pumps, dispensing spray pumps, tips with dip tube, etc... Intermittent motion and continuous motion solutions for low, medium and high production speeds. Up to 480 pcs/minute. Stand-alone machines are available for single filling operations and capping operations only.



Single pitch intermittent motion monobloc machine, for filling operations on star-wheel or in-line (on infeed conveyor, bottle stop under filling nozzle). Suitable to handle a wide range of liquid products and relevant closures (screw-caps, snap-on cap, PFP cap, spray pumps etc). The monoblock solution with filling on star-wheel can run with 1-2-4 filling pumps in stainless steel or ceramic, according to required production speeds. The monoblock solution with linear filling can run with 2-4-6 filling pumps in stainless steel or ceramic. The machines can be equipped with 1 or 2 capping stations. Production sampling for dosages and closures is available. Operating speeds of 60 and 100 pcs/minute based on bottles and closures to be handled.


This machine model, designed for sterile applications, can be widely used for productions not dedicated to this environment. Used for handling glass and plastic bottles with several types of closing elements. Double pitch intermittent motion machine (handling two bottles per time) is equipped with 4 filling volumetric pumps, in stainless steel or ceramics, and peristaltic pumps. Closing systems with double floating heads (one or two stations). CIP/SIP automatic cycles on request. 100% check-weighing control and electronic torque control (on request). Operating speed up to 120 pcs/minute.


A series of equipment at mixed pitch: filling operations are realized in-line, on infeed conveyor belt with bottle stop, while capping operations are realized in continuous motion by means of one or two multiple head closing turrets. Filling operations by means of unidirectional seal-less and valve-less volumetric pumps or pumps with mechanical valves, in stainless steel or ceramic, at 4-6-8 pieces. Closing units (one or two continuous motion turrets) equipped with 5-8 -10 capping heads. Diving filling needles. Series of equipment dedicated to a wide range of pharmaceutical applications, glass and plastic bottles, big and small filling volumes, several types of closing elements (plugs, snap-on caps, PFP caps, spray pumps, etc.) Operating speed up to 200 pcs/minute. Linear filling unit equipped with diving needles allowing to handle liquid solutions which are particularly foamy and dense. Sampling for filling volume and correct capping controls.


Series of machines in continuous motion, having the possibility to handle vials with small diameters at high speeds. Filling unit following vial movement during filling, composed by 4-6-8 filling pumps, in stainless steel or ceramic, with possibility of CIP/SIP automatic cycles on request. Capping stations in continuous, equipped with 5-8-10-16 capping heads, single or double monitoring of correct capping operations by means of vision systems or optical sensors. Suitable for handling small and medium vials, such as nasal spray (with or without dip tube stretching systems), vials with glass or plastic pipette, glass or plastic bottles with screw-caps and/or plug, PFP caps, particular shaped closing elements, etc. Operating speed up to 380 pcs/minute. Machines with pitch reduction can handle bottles up to 250 ml. capacity.


Continuous motion linear monoblock machine suitable to handle a wide range of pharmaceutical products at high and very high speeds. Mainly used for glass and plastic bottles up to 100 ml. capacity. Filling unit equipped with 4-6-8-12 stainless steel or ceramic pumps, one or two continuous motion stations for the application of several types of plugs, caps such as screw-caps, press-on caps, snap-on caps, etc. equipped with 5-8-10 -12-16 capping heads. Vial transport throughout the machine by means of transport belt with inserts. Quick change-over procedure. Possibility of CIP/SIP automatic cycles and check-weighing control on specific applications. Operating speed up to 550 pcs/minute.


Continuous motion rotary machine, for filling and capping of different components. Also for big dimension bottles. Bottle feeding by means of turntable, de-palletizer, conveyor belts, etc. Filling operations by means of 10-12-16-20 pumps and respectively 8 -10-12-16 closing heads, with single or double capping stations handling several types of closures (plugs, screw-caps, PFP caps, spray pumps, etc.). Possibility to use stainless steel pumps/valves, with CIP cycle. Operating speed up to 480-500 pcs/minute, based on bottle dimensions and type of closures to be handled. Sampling for filling volume and closure controls.


MC/1 – MC/2 – M12

A wide range of stand-alone machines used for capping operations only, intermittent motion and continuous motion, handling several types of closing elements. Glass, plastic and shaped bottles, several closures (press-on caps, screw-caps, PFP caps, nasal spray pumps, dispensers, etc.). Model “MC” with speeds from 60 to 120 pcs/minute and model “M12” up to 480 pcs/minute based on type of components to be handled. 100% torque control systems for machine model “MC”. Mechanical closing heads equipped with magnetic clutch to set and assure a constant torque value, pneumatic heads for shaped closures.

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